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Proudly Serving You Soon 

Why is all of our food served in to go containers?

Convenient for you and less dishes for us. Welcome to the future.
In-depth, this concept was built off of hands-on restaurant experience and ergonomics. Ever been served food on a dirty plate? Ever been handed a fork with food residue introducing itself to you? When you eat@FLAVR, you’ll never get your delicious meals served on a worn-out, overused, sticky, or nasty plate. When you eat@FLAVR, you’ll never be disrespected with a utensil that has yesterday’s food trying to party with you. We care so much about you that we serve your nourishment in brand new containers that you can take home and reuse
or simply throw away.


With Incredible #Flavr

2251 North Main Street
Forth Worth, TX 76164
Chicken wings covered in bbq sauce with a side of ranch, celery, and carrots
golden ginger beer with mint in a glass with a lime wedge


Taking Margaritas to the 
Next Level

Take advantage of our Happy Days drink and food specials.


2251 North Main Street
Forth Worth, TX 76164
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