All food is served in to go containers for your convenience. See About Us to find out why!

⭐️ = Eric's Favorites

🔥 = Hot

If your meal is $10 or more, your soft drink is FREE99!


All sauces are named after owner Eric Johnson’s family

FLAVR Ketchup ⭐️🔥

Spicy Ketchup. The frustration kicks in when its all gone

Roseah ⭐️

This ranch is made with love

Teekoyah ⭐️

Tastes a bit like Chick-Fil-A sauce but with a kick

Omri ⭐️

BBQ mayo. A thick, tangy, smokey piece of heaven

True ⭐️

Sweet, hickory, BBQ sauce fit for royalty

Mijon ⭐️

Buffalo. Your tastebuds will love you long time

Fry Rubs


FLAVR Black (Cajun)