With no restaurant experience, founder Eric Johnson decided to buy into a burger franchise in 2016 because he loved the concept and thought it would be cool to open one in Fort Worth. After almost a year of searching for a suitable location and a breach of contract from the franchisor, he decided to count his losses and dive deeper into himself for the next chapter in life. Convinced by his gut and extensive restaurant research, the entrepreneur/traveling musician decided to create his own concept. He sold all of his assets, including his homestead and invested every penny into personal growth, and his vision. In the summer of 2018, Mr. Johnson went on a world tour to taste food and cook with chefs in other countries. Shortly after, he enrolled into The Culinary School of Fort Worth. While honing his skills, he convinced one of his instructors to guide him in building his dream. Once he agreed, Eric unenrolled and got to work. Years later, eat@FLAVR is so much more than a bunch of outlandish ideas. With relentlessness, creativity, perseverance, dedication, patience, and a little bit of help from above, dreams do come true.